Sebastian began showing love for the performing arts word at a young age. Growing up a child in Sweden, he took classes in dance, gymnastics, and even attended Norsholm’s youth circus school.

As a teenager, his love for dance, in particular, really began to develop. Moving to Leicester allowed him to join Addict Dance Company. Being part of their elite competition team, he competed in competitions all over England, as well as appearing on TV shows such as ‘Got To Dance’ and Channel 4’s ‘Street Dance XXL’.

Wanting to take performing from a hobby to a career, Sebastian auditioned for, and successfully obtained a place at the prestigious Urdang Academy, in London. He spent the next 3 years honing his skills in dance and musical theatre.

Once graduated from Urdang Academy, Sebastian’s career first went down the commercial/fashion route, booking jobs for brands like Spencer Hart, Hermès, Illamasqua and BANG LONDON.

Wanting to travel and see more of the world, Sebastian began taking jobs abroad. Working for companies like TUI & VSG, allowed him to dance in places such as Rhodes, Crete, Ibiza, Tenerife & Heidelberg. Sebastian also took his travels even further by joining MSC cruises; granting him the opportunity to spend his evenings performing, and his days exploring ports all over Europe and South America.

Sebastian first joined the Funny Girls cast back in 2019, for the Christmas season. He was also delighted to been part of the Funny Girls tour, the following spring. Sadly, when the tour got cut short, Sebastian took a break from Blackpool to pursue other opportunities.

Fortunately the chance to join the Funny Girls show came around again and Sebastian returned, to join the new cast, in 2023.

Sebastian x