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Frequently Asked Questions

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Tickets are automatically emailed to you once you have completed your booking.

While our dazzling Funny Girls definitely set the fashion bar high, don’t worry – you don’t have to match their glamour. Wear your favourite jeans, ripped or not. Just remember to save the sportswear for gym days. Chic trainers? Absolutely welcome!

We follow the Challenge 25 policy, so if you’re fortunate to look under 25, you’ll be asked to share photo ID. Remember to bring it along to ensure a seamless entrance, as we can’t provide refunds for missed ID situations.
Certainly! You can easily book both show and restaurant seats here. Our team ensures your group is seated together, even on busy Saturdays. Depending on ticket demand, you might share with others, but we’ll do our best to keep your group united, even adding an extra chair if needed!
Absolutely! To confirm your booking, simply make a full payment using your debit or credit card through Stripe, our trusted and secure payment processor. Enjoy peace of mind while planning your fun!
While we don’t offer food with the show, you can book a pre-show dinner in our restaurant or opt for snacks from the bar on the night. Remember to make your dinner reservations and meal selections at least 48 hours in advance for smooth sailing.
Just a heads up, all our tickets are unique experiences made just for you and cannot be transferred.
Great news! There are no additional admission charges on any of our tickets.
We highly encourage you to book your seats early as they tend to sell out quickly. To avoid queues, it’s also best to book standing tickets in advance.
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