Prepare to be swept off your feet by the Italian charmer Andrea! Born and raised on the sun-kissed island of Sicily, this lad brings a touch of Mediterranean flair to our Funny Girls stage.

Andrea’s journey into the dazzling world of performance began at 16, training professionally at “Professione Musical” in Parma. After graduation, London’s call was impossible to resist, and that’s where his professional career indeed took flight. Dancing and singing across Europe, Andrea has entertained audiences in Greece, Norway, Germany, Austria, and Malta with various companies in diverse events, concerts, and radio shows.

Now, he brings his talents to Funny Girls, marking his thrilling debut in the UK. With his Italian charm, unparalleled energy, and exceptional talent, Andrea is ready to wow and woo every single one of you!

Follow Andrea on Facebook for a glimpse into his captivating journey, and stay tuned for his awe-inspiring performances that promise a slice of Sicily right here in Blackpool!

So please put on your dancing shoes, darlings, and join Andrea and the rest of our fabulous Funny Girls for an unforgettable night of music, laughter, and much fun!

Andrea x