A Fabulous Transport and Taxi Drivers Night

A Fabulous Transport and Taxi Drivers Night

We invited our hard-working local transport workers and taxi drivers (and their offices) to a show to remember for a fraction of the price on 25th April - it was wonderful to see so many friendly faces show up!

This reduced-rate event was put on to recognise the hard work that goes into these professions and how important they are to our lovely hometown of Blackpool.

Our special guests got to see our phenomenal spring show, which is hosted by DJ Zoe and led by the world-famous Betty Legs Diamond, and what a fantastic audience they were - it was a pleasure to perform for you.

At Funny Girls, we like to show our appreciation to local professionals and all the hard work they put into making Blackpool a better place.

So, keep your eye out on our Facebook page to see which professionals we'll be inviting to our show next!