CeCe D’Vyne

Principal Dancer

Ladies, gentlemen, and everyone fabulous in between, let me introduce to you the dazzling Reece! Originating from humble Preston, this vivacious virtuoso was bitten by the performance bug at a mere 16. With dreams as high as a perfect quiff, he ran off to polish his act at the famed Phil Winston’s Theatreworks in Blackpool. And my, how that star has shone ever since!

Truly, Reece’s journey through the glitz and glamour of the performing arts has been nothing short of a wild ride, darlings! From the pulsating beats of The Music Hall Tavern’s UK & International Tour, to a stunning tribute to Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons with The Jerseys, and even bewitching the crowds at Disneyland Paris & Stageworks Worldwide Productions, he’s done it all. And what’s a stage without a bit of surf and turf? Our darling Reece sailed the seven seas as a Vocalist and dancer for the illustrious Carnival Cruise Lines & Thomson Cruises.

But the razzle-dazzle doesn’t stop there, oh no! Now, he’s stepping into the sequinned shoes of the leading lady ‘CeCe D’Vyne’ at the world-renowned “Funny Girls”. With Reece’s intoxicating charm, talent, and charisma, we’re in for a spectacular, unforgettable treat!

CeCe x