Host & DJ

Hold onto your feathers, and prepare for the DJ Carmen whirlwind! Born in 2001 and rocking her early twenties like a true diva, this Liverpool lass is a force to be reckoned with. Carmen honed her skills crafting cutting one-liners in the clubs of Liverpool city centre and across the UK before she was welcomed into the Funny Girls’ family in 2006.

Carmen’s eagle eye is always watchful and doesn’t miss much as it roams the room. So think twice before you draw attention to yourself, sweetie. Known for her lightning-fast wit and deadly one-liners, this lady has a tongue sharper than a stiletto heel. Heckle her if you dare, but be warned, her fierce and fiery response will leave you scorched!

Rest assured, darlings, you are impeccably safe with this experienced hostess. Carmen is not just a one-liner queen; she’s an all-around party starter.

Want to win her favour? Here’s a tip: a tall glass of white wine filled with ice, and a straw, should do the trick!

From this fabulous lady, you can expect everything you love about Funny Girls and more: glamour, comedy, music, and laughter. And, of course, there’s a good chance you might find yourself the subject of her witty jibes… So brace yourselves; Carmen is eagerly awaiting your arrival!

DJ Carmen
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